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Cynthia and Connie Explore Ireland

Cynthia and Connie Explore Ireland

BookLover’s Travel, LLC is the dream child of two Seattle area book-loving, travel-obsessed friends. We take small groups of women on tours that explore the art, culture, and history of destinations around the world, fueled by the books we love to read.

Who Are We?

Cynthia honed her travel skills right out of college when she began a five-year odyssey of traveling around the world, starting in Europe and the Middle East then continuing on to explore India, Asia, and Australia. Her passion for travel led her to a career as a travel agent and tour leader to such places as Israel and Turkey. An avid reader, Cynthia found her travel and reading soul mate when she met Connie, a.k.a. “the Bookwoman.”

Connie is a lover of language, received her Master’s Degree in English and taught English for 15 years. Most of her career has focused on writing, editing, and teaching. Connie started her traveling odyssey with a six-week tour of Europe in a small van with a local travel guru as he was just getting started. Bitten by the travel bug, Connie began creating her own literary-focused vacations, taking extensive literature and art classes in Ireland and Italy.

BookLover’s Travel – Unique and memorable trips for bookloving travelers.

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